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My weapon of choice. Slightly lighter than the Ivy, but heavier than the Aurora. This board is very similar to the Ivy, but there are some slight differences. The Feelgood has a little more flex than the Ivy, making it smoother in the glades. There is minimal chatter, even over the mammoth ice patches that plague Australian slopes. This board even handled superbly over 5 cm of snow (which was in a strip about as wide as the board itself). The board still has enough stiffness to get good lift off kickers. This board is dreamily smooth and easy to handle in all situations I've come across so far. The tight turning circle also makes it easy to avoid common hazards such as rocks, vegetation and ice patches. This baby even handles smoothly down Where's Bob (steep and less than a board length wide), the Snake Pit (incredibly narrow and lots of felled trees and roots to dodge) and Three Wise Men (wide but steeper and full of moguls). My favourite board and will be for many years to come.