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Welcome to humble home of the Dark Dwarf. Try not to tread on the teenybopper carcasses as you enter.

Happy New Year! Despite the fact that I've recently had 3 months break, I'm finally updating when I actually have more important stuff to do. Procrastination loves me. The rail network hadn't improved in my absence. I also hate Disney, but that's another story.
I'm still alive. Only four weeks left and its all over for another year. Goodie, exam stress and deadline panic. I love it.
I've done a reivew of last night's Bar on the Hill gig. There should be mosh pit courtesy rules enforced.
Welcome to update season *checks temperature*. I guess I'm just making up for 6 months of neglect. I've started a new section called Retards of the Week. It speaks for itself. I haven't done banners for the new pages yet - I've been renovating.
Added a review of Patricia Cornwell's Post Mortem. Bear in mind that I haven't finished reading it yet and I may change my mind by the time the end of the book comes.
Massive update finally completed. I decided to add in some new content while I was at it. I've finished the snowboard section and you can even go to the phone booth and leave the Dark Dwarf and her minions a message. And just some advanced warning: we are running the Sarcastic Chicken awards again this year so start thinking about those entries. We want to see more than 3 nominations per catagory this time.
Oh and Derailed has moved to its rightful home in the Rants section
Welcome to the new and improved Below the Chicken Coop (Now with added flames!). And its not even a month since my last update. Wow, that's what being on a real holiday does to me. I still have a few more things to do - making buttons and the like, as well as finishing updating the more neglected parts of the site. There is now a permanent link to my blog, the history staffroom since a few people have been intrigued by it.
Too many mechanisms *head spins*. I added another D-Rail snippet. Enjoy.
DD: The term is drawing to an end. Unfortunately this means exams. I added a CityRail parody, a short prose and another story. I've also been adding some funky new graphics. It's starting to look like a real site. It might get finished before my degree. Might...
DD: Just did a review of the Jet concert on friday. Been flat out with uni work so I haven't done any other real updates. If this is a major issue, blow me.

Brought to you by the three Universal Constants:
The speed of light
Naz and Booth's natural talent
Speeding only gets you to traffic quicker
Befriending a Law student: $5 LSA membership
Total HECS Costs: $20,000
Textbooks: $3,000
Learning how to blow shit up and get away with it: Priceless.
Australian Universities: providing terrorist training accepted everywhere.