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The Sickness - Disturbed

        This album covers just about all levels of metal. It's heavy and tormented, with some pretty twisted lyrics. There are some experimental background noises that are just audible above the driving basslines and guitar riffs. It enhances the magick of the music, creating a rich harmony that could be an awesome song in its own right.
        There's not as much variation on this album as their latest project Believe. If you're not a fan of violence and swearing The Sickness is not your style. Their cover of Shout, aptly named Shout 2000, breaks the curse of the covers. This version rocks, which goes to show its only the pop princesses who fuck up semi decent old songs.
          Word of warning: a lot of the lyrics are not friendly, particularly Meaning of Life, Dropping Plates and The Game. I made the mistake of listening to Meaning of Life rather loud at home while my folks were around. I got a few strange looks. Still, they are great songs that are great for pysching yourself up or getting rid of some pent up anger. Have a listen.

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