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Blade Runner in Context

Blade Runner was composed in a Post-Modern society by Ridley Scott. While the original text Do androids dream of electric sheep was composed in the 1960s by Phillip Dick, the film appropriation was composed in 1982 and uses influences from several genres, making it a reliable example of Post-Modernist texts.

            The main influences for the composition of Blade Runner include several science fiction genres such as cyber punk, as well as particular ideas from 1940s style detective movies. Blade Runner is classified as a film noir, consisting of a dark, shadowy and depressing environment. Deckard is the most noticeable of the 1940s influences, attired in earthy toned suits with an emotionally detached and anti authoritarian disposition.

            Due to the technological revolution of the 1980s, much of the technology in Blade Runner is reminiscent of new advancements in the late 1970s and 1980s. The acceleration of the "space race" also caused a rapid progression in technological advancement, astronomical equipment infiltrating the general public. The detachment from nature seen in Blade Runner can be interpreted as a direct warning of the detrimental effects of technological advancement, and the redundancy of nature and humanity.

            The eradication of communism and the up-rise of capitalism also influenced the creation of Blade Runner. The consumer driven, capitalist world of Blade Runner removes the individuality of the population, and suppresses their natural instincts through control and corporate loyalty. The existence of the monopolistic Tyrell Corporation mimics the emergence of monopolistic companies in modern society, such as Microsoft. The infiltration of Japanese culture strengthens the economic importance, as during the 1980s Japan had become a world economic power.

            There is very little change between the context of the composer and responder, due to the similarities in history, society and culture. However, the issues of Blade Runner become more pertinent as society and technology continues to move towards the standards represented in the text.